Up for it?: Happy walkers close to the finish in Delamere Forest

The Sandstone Trail Challenge is a long distance challenge for both walkers and runners, and not a race.

The Sandstone Trail Challenge usually takes place on a Saturday in May, and always has lots of entries, so early booking is advisable.

The event follows the 34 miles/ 55 kilometres of the waymarked Sandstone Trail start to finish — from Frodsham to Whitchurch.

Open to All

Helsby Running Club has re-established the popular Sandstone Trail Challenge, which was organised by the Frodsham Fire Service until 2006.

The Sandstone Trail Challenge is open to everyone aged 14 and over who is fit and experienced enough to do it, although runners under 18 are not allowed.

To ensure the Sandstone Trail Challenge caters for both runners and walkers, the Helsby Running Club has allotted half the reserved places for walkers. Runners should not enter as walkers and expect to be able to run instead; you will be held back at checkpoints if you arrive too early.

For more details of the route, numbers, cost, timetable and checkpoints, contact Helsby Running Club.