How to use this map

Click on the ‘+’ or ‘-‘ buttons on the map to zoom in and out. Then use the hand tool to drag the map to the relevant section.

The route of the Sandstone Trail is shown in blue on the map.

At larger scales, the route is only approximate and may not match precisely the ‘Sandstone Trail’ as labelled on the Google base map.

Alternatively, buy a copy of the Official Guide to Walking the Sandstone Trail, which contains large scale OS maps of the whole Trail and shows the highlighted route page by page.

Better still, get hold of the new large-scale, 1:25,000 Ordnance Survey pocket-size map book for the Sandstone Trail.

• Up-to-date route of Sandstone Trail clearly highlighted in yellow 

• Extra map symbols for pubs, tea rooms, parking and more 

• Trail introduction and photo mosaic of places on the route 

• Useful information section 

• Ideal for walkers and all outdoor enthusiasts along Cheshire’s sandstone ridge 

• Contains relevant mapping from two OS maps for the price of one