Walks in Mysterious Cheshire

Beeston Castle at dawn

Beeston Castle at dawn

Cheshire is a landscape steeped in myth and mystery.

Evidence that our earliest ancestors hunted, farmed, fought, lived and died across Cheshire can be found all over the landscape. But to find it, you need to know where to look.

There are hidden caves and camps, standing stones, hillforts, burial mounds, old churches and castles at every turn. There are Cheshire ghosts and hauntings, stories of Cheshire murders and massacres, and enough strange tales and fanciful folklore to make your spine tingle.

Cheshire History Walks

The best way to experience this ancient landscape, and get a real feeling for what life may have been like in the past, is to explore mysterious Cheshire on foot. Walking in Cheshire with an eye for historical detail is a fascinating experience.

To experience the mysterious side of central Cheshire for yourself, buy a copy of Walks in Mysterious Cheshire and Wirral, by Tony Bowerman.

This classic walking book contains intriguing, easy to follow walks exploring Cheshire’s unexpected past — from quiet strolls to hill and country rambles, by river, wood and ancient lane.

Discover Pete Marsh — the bog man, a gypsy king’s grave, lost Roman and medieval roads, hillforts and burial mounds, medieval and Victorian castles, a church in the marshes, a ghostly duck and a haunted headless procession, a stone elephant, a hermit’s cave, a haunted bridge, ancient copper mines, lost wells, packhorse bridges, saltways and more …

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