Bare hills: Like most of the Sandstone Ridge in the past, Overton Hill was almost treeless in 1910

Much of Cheshire’s central sandstone ridge is wooded today. But not so long ago, constant grazing by cattle, sheep and ponies, plus the constant threat of fire, meant that Cheshire’s sandstone hills have been bare for most of their lives.

This old postcard shows Overton Hill, above Frodsham in the days before trees colonised the slopes. Only a few scant pines clothe the scarp slopes. Overton Hill was blanketed with low bilberry bushes and the hilltop was a favourite day out for local and Liverpool families who picked the purple fruit on long sunny days in late summer.

On the crest of the hill, just visible to the lefthand side of the card, are the hangar-like buildings of the old pleasure grounds. Along with the famous helter-skelter, they have gone today.

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