For much of the way the Sandstone Trail runs along Cheshire’s elevated sandstone spine and there are new views and panoramas at every turn.

But the most impressive views are often from the highest spots. Popular favourites, listed from north to south, include:

  • Helsby Hill (just off the Trail but amazing)
  • Overton Hill above Frodsham
  • Scout Rock below Woodhouse hillfort
  • Below Alvanley Cliff
  • Pale Heights (with its own modern ‘stone circle and viewing platform)
  • Eddisbury Hill (just east of the Trail but well worth a short detour)
  • On the narrow ridge above Organsdale
  • Top of Sandy Lane, beside the Summertrees tearoom
  • Crest of the slope above Rock Farm (probably the BEST view of all) looking down onto Beeston and the other southern hills. Amazing!
  • Top of Beeston Castle
  • Terrace of Pheasant Inn
  • Name Rock on the top of Bulkeley Hill
  • Above Queen’s Parlour
  • Rawhead
  • Kitty’s Stone
  • Maiden Castle
  • Cuckoo Rock
  • Looking out from Hether Wood